• Sometimes hitting an opponent in the air (after they've been launched in the air) will make them drop like a rock, they will continue to fall without reacting to the attack
  • If Ash uses Vortex from full screen it will trip the opponent instead of pull them in
  • If you are attacked while performing Helper and Helper hits opponent you will be able to grab stunned opponent
  • If Ghostface's helper is attacked it will stop Ghostface's Taunt ability while it is in use
  • Ash's Slasher goes through blocking
  • If you use Slasher on Herbert West while he's recovering health, his health will go to zero but start to regenerate again
  • If a long Slasher Combo is performed the opponent's life bar will not be completely drained and the opponent's head won't be picked up
  • If Ash uses Vortex on Candyman his Bee Helper icon will appear


  • Freddy Krueger's 2nd Slime Helper will not disappear after being used but turn transparent
  • If Matt Cordell uses Taser Helper twice in a row it will restore one point of his health back
  • Matt Cordell can't Dash Crouch Attack
  • Candyman can't Dash Crouch Attack
  • Undead Jason Voorhees can't Dash Crouch Attack
  • Pinhead can't Dash Crouch Attack
  • Candyman's Air Teleport Dive isn't an Overhead
  • Herbert West's Bat Head goes through Pumpkinhead's Super Armor instead of being blocked by it
  • Ghostface has an infinity. (Air WW, Crouch SW, Teleport Air WW, etc.)
  • Tall Man has an infinity that only works on Chucky ((Opponent In Corner) P, SW, WW, Telekinetic Grab, Grab and Vomit, etc.)
  • Attacking an opponent right after they get back up from a long combo will make the opponent's lifebar believe that the long combo is still happening and will do less damage to the opponent

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