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File:6 Maniac Cop.JPGFile:A Nightmare On Elm Street - Dream Attack - Terrordrome Rise of the BoogeymenFile:A Nightmare On Elm Street 5 The Dream Child - Hell On Wheels - Terrordrome Rise of the Boogeymen
File:A Nightmare on Elm Street.jpgFile:Army of Darkness - The Pit - Terrordrome Rise of the BoogeymenFile:Ash.png
File:Ash Intro 1.pngFile:Ash Intro 2.pngFile:Ash Outro 1.png
File:Ash Outro 2.pngFile:Ash Outro 3.pngFile:Ash Outro 4.png
File:Ash Outro 5.pngFile:Ash Portrait.jpgFile:Ash Stance.png
File:Cabrini Green.pngFile:Camp Crystal Lake.pngFile:Candyman.png
File:Candyman Intro 1.pngFile:Candyman Intro 2.pngFile:Candyman Movie.jpg
File:Candyman Outro 1.pngFile:Candyman Outro 2.pngFile:Candyman Outro 3.png
File:Candyman Outro 4.pngFile:Candyman Outro 5.pngFile:Candyman Portrait.jpg
File:Candyman Stance.pngFile:Characters.pngFile:Child's Play.jpg
File:Child's Play - Opening Chase - Terrordrome Rise of the BoogeymenFile:Child's Play 3 Theme - Terrordrome Rise of the BoogeymenFile:Chucky.png
File:Chucky Intro 1.pngFile:Chucky Intro 2.pngFile:Chucky Outro 1.png
File:Chucky Outro 2.pngFile:Chucky Outro 3.pngFile:Chucky Outro 4.png
File:Chucky Outro 5.pngFile:Chucky Portrait.jpgFile:Chucky Stance.png
File:Classic Jason Intro 1.pngFile:Classic Jason Intro 2.pngFile:Classic Jason Outro 1.png
File:Classic Jason Outro 2.pngFile:Classic Jason Outro 3.pngFile:Classic Jason Outro 4.png
File:Classic Jason Outro 5.pngFile:Classic Jason Voorhees.pngFile:Classic Jason Voorhees Portrait.jpg
File:Classic Jason Voorhees Stance.pngFile:Cooltext1274689541.pngFile:Evil Dead 2- Dead by Dawn.jpg
File:Evil Dead 2.jpgFile:Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn - Behemoth - Terrordrome Rise of the BoogeymenFile:Example.jpg
File:Forum new.gifFile:Freddy's Lair.pngFile:Freddy Krueger.png
File:Freddy Krueger Intro 1.pngFile:Freddy Krueger Intro 2.pngFile:Freddy Krueger Outro 1.png
File:Freddy Krueger Outro 2.pngFile:Freddy Krueger Outro 3.pngFile:Freddy Krueger Outro 4.png
File:Freddy Krueger Outro 5.pngFile:Freddy Krueger Portrait.jpgFile:Freddy Krueger Stance.png
File:Friday the 13th.jpgFile:Friday the 13th Part 2 Theme - Terrordrome Rise of the BoogeymenFile:Friday the 13th Part 3.jpg
File:Friday the 13th Part 6.jpgFile:Friday the 13th The Final Chapter Theme - Terrordrome Rise of the BoogeymenFile:Ghostface.png
File:Ghostface Intro 1.pngFile:Ghostface Intro 2.pngFile:Ghostface Outro 1.png
File:Ghostface Outro 2.pngFile:Ghostface Outro 3.pngFile:Ghostface Outro 4.png
File:Ghostface Outro 5.pngFile:Ghostface Portrait.jpgFile:Ghostface Stance.png
File:Halloween.jpgFile:Halloween Theme - Terrordrome Rise of the BoogeymenFile:Halloween Theme Redux - Terrordrome Rise of the Boogeymen
File:Hellraiser Poster.jpegFile:Herbert West.pngFile:Herbert West Intro 1.png
File:Herbert West Intro 2.pngFile:Herbert West Outro.pngFile:Herbert West Outro 1.png
File:Herbert West Outro 2.pngFile:Herbert West Outro 3.pngFile:Herbert West Outro 4.png
File:Herbert West Portrait.jpgFile:Herbert West Stance.pngFile:Hewitt House.png
File:High School.pngFile:Incorrect Classic Jason KO.pngFile:Index.jpeg
File:Indexp.jpegFile:It.jpgFile:Jeepers Creepers.jpg
File:Knowby Cabin.pngFile:Leatherface.pngFile:Leatherface Intro 1.png
File:Leatherface Intro 2.pngFile:Leatherface Outro 1.pngFile:Leatherface Outro 2.png
File:Leatherface Outro 3.pngFile:Leatherface Outro 4.pngFile:Leatherface Outro 5.png
File:Leatherface Portrait.jpgFile:Leatherface Stance.pngFile:Leviathan.png
File:Main Menu.pngFile:Matt Cordell.pngFile:Matt Cordell Intro 1.png
File:Matt Cordell Intro 2.pngFile:Matt Cordell Outro 1.pngFile:Matt Cordell Outro 2.png
File:Matt Cordell Outro 3.pngFile:Matt Cordell Outro 4.pngFile:Matt Cordell Outro 5.png
File:Matt Cordell Portrait.jpgFile:Matt Cordell Stance.pngFile:Mausoleum.png
File:Michael Myer's Stance.pngFile:Michael Myers.pngFile:Michael Myers Intro 1.png
File:Michael Myers Intro 2.pngFile:Michael Myers Outro 1.pngFile:Michael Myers Outro 2.png
File:Michael Myers Outro 3.pngFile:Michael Myers Outro 4.pngFile:Michael Myers Outro 5.png
File:Michael Myers Portrait.jpgFile:Miskatonic Lab.pngFile:Mode Select Done.png
File:Movies.pngFile:Myers House.pngFile:No Super Nailing OTG.png
File:Phantasm.jpgFile:Pinhead.pngFile:Pinhead Intro 1.png
File:Pinhead Intro 2.pngFile:Pinhead Outro 1.pngFile:Pinhead Outro 2.png
File:Pinhead Outro 3.pngFile:Pinhead Outro 4.pngFile:Pinhead Outro 5.png
File:Pinhead Portrait.jpgFile:Pinhead Stance.pngFile:Prison.png
File:Pumpkin Forest.pngFile:Pumpkinhead.pngFile:Pumpkinhead Intro 1.png
File:Pumpkinhead Intro 2.pngFile:Pumpkinhead Outro 1.pngFile:Pumpkinhead Outro 2.png
File:Pumpkinhead Outro 3.pngFile:Pumpkinhead Outro 4.pngFile:Pumpkinhead Outro 5.png
File:Pumpkinhead Portrait.jpgFile:Pumpkinhead Stance.pngFile:Pumpkinhead movie.jpg
File:Re Animator.jpgFile:S-Mart.pngFile:Scream.jpg
File:Select Character Done.pngFile:Special Stays as a Statue.jpgFile:Tall Man.png
File:Tall Man Intro 1.pngFile:Tall Man Intro 2.pngFile:Tall Man Outro 1.png
File:Tall Man Outro 2.pngFile:Tall Man Outro 3.pngFile:Tall Man Outro 4.png
File:Tall Man Outro 5.pngFile:Tall Man Portrait.jpgFile:Tall Man Stance.png
File:Terror.jpgFile:Terrordrome Ash CombosFile:Terrordrome Candyman Combos
File:Terrordrome Chucky CombosFile:Terrordrome Classic Jason Voorhees CombosFile:Terrordrome Freddy Krueger Combos
File:Terrordrome Ghostface CombosFile:Terrordrome Herbert West CombosFile:Terrordrome Leatherface Combos
File:Terrordrome Matt Cordell CombosFile:Terrordrome Michael Myers CombosFile:Terrordrome Pinhead Combos
File:Terrordrome Pumpkinhead CombosFile:Terrordrome Reign of the Legends.pngFile:Terrordrome Rise of the Boogeymen.png
File:Terrordrome Tall Man CombosFile:Terrordrome Undead Jason Voorhees CombosFile:Texas Chainsaw Massacre.jpg
File:The Evil Dead.jpgFile:The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning - Dinner - Terrordrome Rise of the BoogeymenFile:The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning Theme - Terrordrome Rise of the Boogeymen
File:Undead Jason Intro 1.pngFile:Undead Jason Intro 2.pngFile:Undead Jason Outro 1.png
File:Undead Jason Outro 2.pngFile:Undead Jason Outro 3.pngFile:Undead Jason Outro 4.png
File:Undead Jason Outro 5.pngFile:Undead Jason Voorhees.pngFile:Undead Jason Voorhees Portrait.jpg
File:Undead Jason Voorhees Stance.pngFile:WIP 1.jpgFile:WIP 2.jpg
File:WIP 3.jpgFile:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki-wordmark.png

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