Here is a list of all the glitches in the game.



Name of Glitch or Error



Vortex Trip

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx If Ash uses Vortex from full screen it will trip the opponent instead of pull them in


Slasher Combo

If a long Slasher Combo is done the opponent's life bar will not be completely drained and the opponent's head won't be picked up


Unblockable Slasher

Ash's Slasher goes through blocking

Herbert West

Self Re-Animation

If you use Slasher on Herbert West while he's recovering health, his health will go to zero but start to regenerate

Tall Man and Chucky

Tall Man vs. Chucky Infinity

Tall Man has an infinity that only works on Chucky ((opponent In Corner) P, SW, WW, Telekinetic Grab, Grab and Vomit, etc.)


Candyman Bee Helper Vortex

If Ash uses Vortex on Candyman his Bee Helper icon will appear

Freddy Krueger

Transparent Slime Helper

Freddy Krueger's 2nd Slime Helper will not disappear after being used but turn transparent


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